Co-locate with Confidence

CarrierCOM owns and operates an international carrier-neutral colocation facility in McAllen, Texas backed by 24x7x365 support services provided by in-house staff. CarrierCOM offers colocation solutions that accommodate your needs, from single rack units, cabinets, to private cages. You can choose from one or more of the different U.S. or Mexican Internet Networks or Carriers with diverse fiber into the building.

CarrierCOM offers colocation with immediate availability. We can have you setup in our facilities within 24-hours of your signing a service order.

Our features


• N+1 redundancy for -48VDC supply
• 8-hour battery backup
• 48 hours of on-site fuel storage for generator
• 2 N redundant AC power feeds per rack


• Multiple fiber entrances
• Network neutral access to U.S. and Mexican carriers
• Bandwidth solution provides best-in-class performance

Climate Control

• Dual cooling systems


• 24x7x365 access
• Helping Hands professional IT tech support
• Remote access controls
• Installation and configuration assistance


It certainly is not feasible for many organizations to fund, build and staff a state-of-the-art data center facility or telecommunications point-of-presence, complete with power, cooling and network connectivity. The capital outlay can be quite significant to be able to provide the high levels of support needed for your always-on business to operate and grow.

When you co-locate with CarrierCOM, you will be able to run your business applications in our secure facilities. You have the flexibility to select the space and power environment that will be sufficient for your needs today and still have the confidence that you can expand as your requirements grow.

CarrierCOM’s team of skilled IT professionals will support your application environment to ensure your continued success.

Our Benefits

A predictable cost structure. 

Instead of making capital investments, colocation brings the availability, security and performance you need from a data center/point-of-presence within an affordable reach.

Higher availability. 

CarrierCOM has invested in redundancies in our facilities so that you can avoid single points of failure that bring the network down or cause power outages that impact both productivity and profits.

Expert support. 

Our technical service team is focused on your business continuity, problem prevention and problem resolution. CarrierCOM can provide comprehensive technical, administrative and engineering help for every part of your data/communications infrastructure, including all network, server, storage and security aspects. Our support staff is here for your level one issues. We do not outsource to contractors, and we are 100% accountable for services and customer support.

Carrier-Neutral Facilities

Our customers should have a choice in the competitive marketplace of carriers and providers. Our colocation customers can cross-connect to a variety of U.S. and Mexican carriers inside our facility. We maintain relationships with a variety of carriers and offer connectivity to off-site carriers and providers as well.

Virtual Hands and Eyes

CarrierCOM understands the importance of reliable and immediate customer support. Our colocation customers praise us for the excellent support they receive from our technical staff.