COVID-19 Support Task Force

We’ll go to great lengths to give your organization safe, secure, expert service for your computer network.

Experienced, Expertly Trained and Certified Staff

Don’t bring asymptomatic 3rd parties to your location

Your facility cannot operate without IT support. You cannot take the risk of bringing in a visiting IT specialist who may be an asymptomatic COVID-19 carrier.

IT Support Task Force COVID-19 Protocols

Our expert, certified IT professionals can keep your computer network fully operational so that you can concentrate on the important business of saving lives.

We have developed a specialized technical support service utilizing prevention and disinfection protocols aimed to keep Medical Professionals, Doctors, Clinics, Hospitals, EMS and essential businesses and conversely our own personnel safe.

Most technical issues can be resolved through remote login, but if an on-site visit to your location is required, our technicians will be using full Level C & D PPE including coveralls, respirator mask, gloves, shoe covers and will be fully sprayed with patented CIO2DMG Chlorine Dioxide to abate any surface pathogens before entering your location.

CarrierCOM Secure IT Services Support

We can support your organization with the services you need. We are your out-sourcing solutions provider.

CarrierCOM Secure IT Services can review issues and offer concrete solutions to provide stability and security to your IT infrastructure and system users.

  • Server configuration, maintenance and ‘fine-tuning.’
  • Network configuration, installation and service. Resolve security issues.
  • Network Security Vulnerability Study and Mitigation steps.
  • File Backup and contingency planning.

we Comply with HIPAA Rules and Regulations

We can help Covered Entities and Business Associates comply with HIPAA rules and documentation.

  • All CarrierCOM Secure IT Service personnel are trained and certified in HIPAA Awareness and Security.

  •  CarrierCOM is stablished and is able to enter in to HIPAA Business Associate Agreements and protect PHI data.

  •  We can provide HIPAA Awareness and Security Training for your personnel.

  •  We can assist in establishing and maintaining HIPAA
    documentation sets for Covered Entities and Businesses Associates.

CarrierCOM Data Services

Our powerful fiber optic network and co-location facility can give you peace-of-mind services for your organization.

  • Off-Site Data Backup and Replication Services (NAS)
  • HIPAA-compliant Secure E-mail Service.
  • Private VPNs.
  • Web Hosting
  • Server Hosting/Mirroring

Service Plans for every need

CarrierCOM Secure IT Services can tailor a service plan to meet your needs. Emergency 24/7 service is available if the need arises.
Call today to discover how CarrierCOM Secure IT Services can help you in these challenging times.

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